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Environmental Compliance 

Spectrum provides broad-based environmental compliance services to both industry and public sector clients.  Environmental regulations provide environmental compliance requirements covering the environmental media of air, land, and water.  These environmental regulations have applicable emission limits, monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping requirements.  Spectrum provides services associated with meeting these requirements to assure you facility stays in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.  Spectrum services include GIS database development, spECTrac environmental compliance tracking software, multi-media environmental compliance audits, regulatory analysis and expert advisement, onsite and offsite environmental program support, and environmental training.  Provided below is a discussion of each of specific Spectrum’s environmental compliance services areas.

Multimedia Environmental Compliance Audits


Spectrum’s staff is experienced in completing Multimedia environmental compliance audits for various industry types and clients.  Spectrum has the knowledge and resources to ensure your facility complies with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.  These audits encompass all aspects of the facility operation and processes to ensure an all-inclusive review of all environmental media areas including a detailed site inspection, records review, regulatory review, permit inspection and comprehensive detailed report of the findings with recommended corrective actions.  Spectrum is able to lead the client through the process to ensure they understand the goal of the Multimedia Audit and the benefits of the recommended corrective action.  Spectrum can also assist the client with implementing the corrective action and completing follow-up reviews to ensure that identified environmental compliance issues have been resolved.



Spectrum has created a custom environmental compliance tracking database called spECTrac®, which utilizes Microsoft® Access and Microsoft® Outlook.  spECTrac® manages compliance information and schedule adherence at single or multiple locations through a simple to use, personalized, interactive, and user-friendly database customized to your regulatory and permitting specifications.


spECTrac® is designed to be a tool used by Corporate Upper Management and Facility Environmental Managers.  It can provide Corporate Environmental and Facility Environmental Managers with emailed notifications and reports of upcoming and missed tasks and help facilities avoid Federal and State violations.  spECTrac® can provide a critical component for the compliance elements of an EMS, but is also adaptable to meet both Environmental and Safety Tracking Requirements.  spECTrac® is PC based and can be customized to fit each client’s specify needs while still being cost effective.  Spectrum also provides on-site installation, personalized user training, and a guided user manual. 


Spectrum works with our clients to help define all applicable reporting, recordkeeping, and monitoring requirements from existing environmental permits.  Spectrum also reviews all Federal, State, and local environmental regulations to ensure a complete and accurate list of regulatory requirements.  Spectrum populates the system to provide quality assurance and has on-call support available after the installation is completed.

GIS Database Development


Spectrum has the capability and experience needed to assist our clients with a variety of GIS related projects.  We can provide assistance with digital feature extraction and attribute collection, georeferencing, geocoding, geodatabase creation and editing, and numerous mapping and geoprocessing tasks.




Spectrum offers comprehensive environmental training to our industrial and public sector clients. Spectrum has provided training for various levels of environmental knowledge and included workers as well as management.  Our training experience has covered the following topics:
  • General Environmental Awareness

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan

  • Spill Control and Countermeasures Plans

  • Air Quality

  • Solid, Hazardous, Universal Waste Management

  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks

  • Spill Response

  • NPDES Sampling and Visual Monitoring



Regulatory Analysis and Expert Advisement


Spectrum provides to our clients an expert analysis of environmental requirements from proposed new environmental regulations to existing environmental regulations.  This analysis provides to our client important information which has capital planning implications associated with meeting emission limits, monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping requirements.


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