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Environmental Program Support 


Spectrum’s staff is extremely knowledgeable of  State and Federal environmental requirements applicable to a variety of industrial, commercial and government facilities.  Spectrum can provide both on-site and off-site environmental program support to existing environmental facility personnel.  Some of our services include assisting with sampling, training, monitoring, recordkeeping, testing, and reporting requirements, as required.

Contractor Management Support


Contractors and subcontractors can require extensive management and oversight.  Spectrum can assist in the administration of contractors and subcontractors to ensure they maintain their work activities and schedules.   Spectrum has experience developing requests for proposal, bid evaluations, bid awards, subcontractor evaluations, and contract management for our clients.  Spectrum's clients who utilize these services are able to better discern project schedules, improve productivity and manage costs for ongoing projects.

Tank Program Management


Federal and State environmental agencies have regulations in place to protect the environment from releases from fuel storage containers.  Owners of fuel storage tank systems are required by these regulations to develop a program to manage their fuel storage tanks to ensure regulatory compliance.  Spectrum can assist clients for the development of this compliance program by providing guidance, support, and training to assure that regulatory compliance is achieved and then maintained.

Environmental Management Systems


Spectrum has the capabilities to assist companies and organizations with developing, implementing, and maintaining environmental management systems (EMSs).  This process starts with understanding the requirements of the ISO 14000 standards and continues through maintaining an EMS which meets meeting the requirements for ISO 14001 registration.  Spectrum personnel obtained applicable certification and completed have credited training for “Environmental Management Systems:  Implementation and Results”.  We have performed projects nationwide for both industry and state government organizations.

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